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My favorite ftp client for many years has been Panic’s Transmit.  However, over time Transmit 3 developed some really hideous issues.  I threatened a divorce (and meant it!).  Well, Panic released Transmit 4 this week.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

  1. Panic appears to have fixed all of the issues about which I grumbled so many times in the past.
  2. Integrated Transmit Disk into the Finder, which, like ExpanDrive, mounts my server disk locations directly in the Finder window!
  3. Places!  A complete redesign that makes so much more sense from a UI and functionality standpoint.
  4. Transmit 4 seems much faster!  Maybe because the app is now 64 bit?
  5. I’m loving the implementation of Quick Look!
  6. I really like the rework of Sync.
  7. There are numerous other things that could be mentioned, but these are the ones that, so far, really float my boat!