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The Absurdity that Is Air Travel

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I never cease to be amazed at how powerful fear is. Today, going through security from Canada to the US was the most astoundingly absurd security process I’ve ever experienced. It took an entire hour just for security, not including immigration.

Each individual person went through the metal detector. But why? They were going to screen each individual person with a handheld metal detector wand anyway? They checked each person’s boarding pass a total of three times. Why? Are their inspectors that incompetent?

Then, after the wand detector was waved over every part of each person’s body, they had each person empty all pockets, be patted down over every part of your body, pulled around on your pants at your belt buckle and your shirt collar, and then everything that was in your pockets was inspected piece by piece in detail–looking at every single page of my passport, for example.

They had females working with women and males working with men. Each worker did nothing until all of the workers working on that side, man or woman, had finished inspecting the person in the que. This was without doubt the slowest and most dysfunctional screening process I’ve ever experienced in my life. The number of TSA workers was huge, and most of the time they were just standing there waiting for the one person being inspected to go through the line before they did their small part of the inspection process for the next person.

And here’s what made me madder that hell itself: they did this to all of the children in the security line as well. These kids today do not know a world of travel and exploration without fear and invasive scrutiny that treats decent human beings as if they are all terror suspects. This is despicable!

In just a few more years people will have completely forgotten what living in a free society really is. It has been redefined by fear. It has been repurposed by governments wanting to control their masses. If we must live our lives this way, at least we should call it what it is: tyranny. The bad guy won. They will always defeat the tyranny of our ever increasingly invasive security measures that have killed freedom of travel, probably forever.

And we tolerate this as if this is how life should be in a “free” society. If I could never travel again, I would stop today.

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