John Paul Stevens

Extreme Makeover

John Paul Stevens, U.S. Supreme Court justice.
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Justice John Paul Stevens‘ service to this nation has been substantive. I am fearful of what the court will become as he retires.

Justice John Paul Stevens‘s departure from the Supreme Court represents the end of an era. Just not the one you are probably thinking of. Stevens’s unblinking devotion to human rights, civil rights, and the rights of the little guy have led him to be widely seen as the Last Great Liberal Justice, the end of a lineage that included William Brennan, Thurgood Marshall and William O. Douglas. But Stevens is something else entirely. He is actually the last of the Moderate Republican Justices.

Source: Dan Froomkin

Frankly, I’m with those who believe that Justice John Paul Stevens didn’t become more and more liberal. Rather, the court became radicalized in its extreme conservatism. Justice Stevens never changed.