Never Content

Reflecting back about my recent trip to south Asia

As I’ve mentioned before, Bangkok especially and central and south Vietnam were terribly hot and humid. Shorts and short sleeved shirts were always in order.

I was, however, astonished to see so many of the local people in those areas wearing long sleeved shirts, sweaters, and jackets. How could they possibly be cool?!

Most of the women also wore masks around their faces. I was a bit shocked to learn why this was so customary: these people, with gorgeous olive complexions, want to avoid tanning their skin at all costs. The women even purchase expensive skin whitening creams from Japan. The lighter the skin, the more beautiful you are considered.

Here in the US, white people are just the opposite.

Why are we humans never content with what we have? Sometimes I guess this compels us to achieve better things. Sometimes it is not in our best interest.