The Dreaded Taxes

I have finished my income taxes.

In sackcloth and ashes, I wail!

So, let me see…  what did my tax money help purchase?  Well, that money continues to fund wars I believe are immoral.  My taxes allow greedy bankers to get millions in bonuses while their banks all but put the economies of the world in collapse.  Umm… no health care reform.  Stupid, evil senators block continued unemployment benefits, because we can’t afford that for the millions who have lost their jobs as a result of reckless, unchecked, capitalists’ greed.

CNN reported last week that 86% of Americans, and I’m sure those would be the “real Amurrrricans,” think our government is broken.  Who the hell are the 14% that think anything about our government works?!  How long can this continue?