I Blame Elisson

I was having a perfectly good morning being all productive and everything.  Then I headed on over to my RSS feed reader to catch up on “stuff.”  I hadn’t cruised the feeds for a couple of days, so things were out of control—thousands of feed posts were lurking there demanding to be read.

I started with my personal reads and came across a video link from Ellison’s blog to a short Valentine’s film by some guy named zefrank. It was crazy funny!  I laughed out loud.  Who ever this Ze guy is, his sense of humor really resonates with me.  (That’s probably a really bad thing as mine is so twisted.)

I wish he hosted his short videos on a traditional site that allowed you to embed them.  I’d share some with you from time to time because, well… now I’ve subscribed to yet another feed!  But, since he doesn’t, check them out at the links.

I also liked several others, like this one.  Now an hour of laughter has passed, and I’m blaming Elisson!