I follow @PhilipBloom on Twitter. He does such amazing work. He has been in Dubai for the past several days shooting this video, Sky. This short timelapse beautifully captures the radiance of the city. And the music, Xibalba by Clint Mansell, is perfect for it. I appreciate Philip’s willingness to share how he does this with HD-DSLRs. It’s so helpful… Continue reading

Safari Browser Shortcut to Download YouTube Video

Image via CrunchBase Here’s a great shortcut for downloading YouTube videos when using the Safari browser. Go to the YouTube page with the video on it. [Command] + [Option] + [A] to bring up the Activity window in Safari. Under the Address Column find the YouTube page. Under that column, look for the largest file size, which will be the… Continue reading

Photography As Democracy in Action

Image via Wikipedia I harp on this topic, I know.  But it’s that important to me:  Democracy is a public affair.  Elections need to be transparent.  Our public discourse needs to be public.  Our national history needs to be open and free.  Photography and videography are marvelous tools for documenting and disseminating the machinations of democracy and thereby promoting the… Continue reading