It’s Following Me!

First it was Ireland: record rainfall and driving through unbelievable flooding. Then it was Arkansas: record rainfall and driving through unbelievable flooding. For the past three days, with more in the forecast, it’s now here in southern California!


Stop the madness!
(Actually, I’ve rather enjoyed the rainfall. And yesterday I heard one of the most virulent thunder rumbles of all time! It was wonderful!)
Below is a 12 second video (without audio: do not adjust your TV set!) of flooding in Arkansas. This was by no means the worst flooding of the trip! Just out of the frame to the left is a heavily flooded cemetery. The flood water was thick with the scent of decomposition.
I’m showing this video as a proof of concept:

  • It was shot on an iPhone.
  • It was shot and is shown in portrait view. (Odd, I know.)
  • It is compressed at 720p as an mp4 using H.264 at only 1500kbps and still looks fairly good.
  • At the above compression, the file is 2.2 megabytes.
  • Increasing the data rate increases video quality minimally but substantially increases file size.