It’s Following Me!

First it was Ireland: record rainfall and driving through unbelievable flooding. Then it was Arkansas: record rainfall and driving through unbelievable flooding. For the past three days, with more in the forecast, it’s now here in southern California! Stop the madness! (Actually, I’ve rather enjoyed the rainfall. And yesterday I heard one of the most virulent thunder rumbles of all… Continue reading

Sad News

Over the years I’ve blogged many times about The Silver Grill, a midtown Atlanta institution that started in 1946 and remained in the Walton family until it closed 60 years later in 2006. [I started eating at the grill in the early 90’s and immediately became addicted to the fried chicken. I probably ate there at least twice a month.… Continue reading

Just Ignore This Unless You’re a Geek

I use John Einselen’s MediaboxAdvanced, from iaian7, on my site for the media shadowboxes. I love it! I’ve had two issues that needed attention. This is a “note to self” on how I fixed them in case I do site upgrades that might break the fixes, and I can’t quickly find the resources to these solutions. Problem 1: Volume Inadequate… Continue reading

Do We Know When…

we eat genetically modified food? Three types of Monsanto genetically modified corn are under scrutiny in the wake of a new study published by the International Journal Of Biological Sciences which found that rats ingesting the corn were subject to statistically significant amounts of organ toxicity. … The finding that corn produced by one of the world’s agricultural giants could… Continue reading

The White House Now on the iPhone

This is dubbed as the team’s first step in its mobile platform development. On Tuesday, the President’s technology team released its first iPhone application, appropriately dubbed The White House. The app features blogs, video, photos, newsroom briefs, and the ability to watch live broadcasts over 3G or Wi-Fi.” [Source: The White House releases news, streaming app | Software | iPhone… Continue reading

Fighting Being Disillusioned

I’ve actually been thinking more and more about leaving the US. I mean: for good. I find myself so disillusioned with what is happening in my native land. My country forces education reform that is destroying creativity, problem solving, deep thinking, and analysis of knowledge to inform carefully considered long term solution-making for the immediacy of factionalized curriculum memorization. My… Continue reading