Banned Words for the New Decade

Several of these I hadn’t heard of before reading this post: shovel-ready? bromance? chillaxin? (I watch too little TV to be literate I guess.) But I must confess, I too frequently grow weary of buzz. Who, after all, are the buzz makers? At first, the word or phrase is an interesting twist of language that expresses a sentiment meaningful in… Continue reading

Hmmm… This Will Prove Interesting

For me, this case has always been about civil rights. It harkens back to the civil rights era and to women’s suffrage. No majority vote should ever be allowed to remove civil rights for non-criminal conduct. Whatever the outcome, this case could be of a similar magnitude to Brown vs. Board of Education and will probably be appealed by either… Continue reading

He Really IS an Idiot

Shouldn’t this guy, of all guys, be aware that his statement is beyond simply untrue; it is absurd to the extreme! I was ambivalent about the former mayor. Now I think Rudy Giuliani is crazy. Or, maybe he’s very, very smart: the Republicans are trying to rewrite the history of their unspeakable failures. If you say it enough times, people… Continue reading