Government Has Lost Its Senses!

On what planet am I living?!

A year-long trial of “full body scanner” machines at a UK airport (the kind that display clear images the human body, including genitals and breast implants), was only permitted to go into effect after children under 18 years of age were exempted from the scans. Privacy advocates say the “naked images” would violate Britain’s child porn laws (Guardian UK).”

[Source: Creepy “naked scanners” violate child porn laws in UK Boing Boing.]

And then these Facebook screen grabs from war-blogger Michael Yon via Boing Boing…

[Source: War-blogger Michael Yon says he was harassed, cuffed, detained in Seattle; via: Boing Boing.]

The terrorists are winning. Because of our reaction to extremists, we are not the nation I grew up in as a child. I don’t like what we are becoming.