Missing a Photograph

Lange Migrant Mother
Migrant Mother from Library of Congress

I’m visiting here in Arkansas. This community has its share of poverty, especially in these difficult economic times. In addition to the poverty, this state has experienced torrential rains this year–exceeding all records since they began keeping them in the 1800’s. Getting around has been even more challenging than when I visited Ireland this year. Many roads are flooded and closed. You can see the roofs of cars and trucks in the quick moving water.

On the way back to the hotel, along a river that had tripled in size, I passed a house. The river’s water was literally lapping up against the house just below the front door.

The main door was opened. The glass door in front was closed. Standing behind the door was a middle-aged woman, in her housecoat, looking out the door with a worried expression on her face and her telephone to her ear as the sun was going down.
The houses and the house trailers all around her had already flooded out and been abandoned.

It was 27º outside.