Mini Cooper Augmented Reality Ad

Augmented Reality Fascinates Me

Mini Cooper Augmented Reality AdOf the 10 Ways Social Media Will Change In 2010, this last one most interests me. I’ll be curious to see where this takes us.

Finally: Real, Cool and Very Bizarre Online-Offline Integration

Virtual worlds, games and avatars were just the beginning of the online-offline integration. In 2010 we’ll see a greater push on this front as distance and physical walls will matter even less. Augmented reality — already integrated into Yelp‘s latest geo-tagging enabled application — will allow users to find relevant information and people depending on their location; Twitter360 will help people find each other, connect and see updates by location all while on the go through their mobile device. People will be able to scan products on shelves but process the sale online; you’ll never need to ask for a business card again at events — and you may actually get promotions and discounts that match your interests.”

(Via 10 Ways Social Media Will Change In 2010.)

I want to be able to aggregate my own information into the augmented reality space. I wonder when that will be possible.