In sheer horror, I did the math. My waistline is only 12% larger now than it was when I was 18 years old. And I feel fat! If I had jumped 400%, I would wear size WHAT???!!! The average waistline of people in the developed world has increased 400% in 25 years, with three-quarters of adults now overweight or obese.… Continue reading

Made Me Laugh

Funny guy. How dare he slap people in the face with their own hypocrisy. He supposedly was going to interview people in front of WalMart about defending traditional marriage and then, when they blubbered on about their support, ask them to sign his petition banning divorce. He says he’s confident they will support his bill because it’s not about taking… Continue reading

Augmented Reality Fascinates Me

Of the 10 Ways Social Media Will Change In 2010, this last one most interests me. I’ll be curious to see where this takes us. Finally: Real, Cool and Very Bizarre Online-Offline Integration Virtual worlds, games and avatars were just the beginning of the online-offline integration. In 2010 we’ll see a greater push on this front as distance and physical… Continue reading