CNN Going to Hell in a Handbasket

I’ve always liked CNN. It was a better news organization when Ted Turner owned it. But lately I’ve been blasting it as the Crime News Network because they seem to spend so little money reporting actual news and doing investigative journalism. Rather, they report the national crime blotter. Sadly, they are now paying the price for their lack of journalism.… Continue reading

Talk Is Cheap and Generally Mean Spirited

I just discovered Mike Todd’s blog a couple of days ago when I posted about his insights into Capitalism and Christianity. I really don’t know much about Mike’s thinking, but in just a couple of days he has stated things that really resonate with me! From where I sit, this quotation is so totally on the mark. It’s much too… Continue reading

Grieve No More

Everyone grieved the death of the Polaroid Instamatic. Well, grieve no more! Books are the new internet. Mustaches are hip. The 1990’s are “vintage.” And analog is the new digital. The future is now. Er, the past future is now? Something like that. Introducing The *new* Fuji Instax Mini, a generational twist on ‘yer Dad’s old Land Cam. We like… Continue reading

Far More than This!

I make the plea to return to small business models using anti-trust laws. This may be a less efficient business model, but it provides critically needed employment (jobs) and a social net that tends more to local people instead of just share holders. A senior administration official said on Sunday that after extensive consultations with Treasury Department officials, Representative Barney… Continue reading

Well, Duh! (Death of Another Medium) *Updated*

According to the Audit Bureau of Circultations: average daily circulation dropped 10.6 percent in the April-September period from the same six-month span in 2008. That was greater than the 7.1 percent decline in the October 2008-March 2009 period and the 4.6 percent drop in the April-September period of 2008. Newspaper circulation down 10.6 percent // Current And for a detailed… Continue reading