You Just Never Know

I’ve known Brad and his beautiful, lovely wife for several years–all the way back to Atlanta before their son was even born. I knew about Big Brothers Big Sisters working with children across the country. I knew Brad was a “Big,” as they are called, at some point when we all lived in Atlanta. Things I didn’t know: Los Angeles… Continue reading

In a Mood

I have no idea why I am so irritable. I’ve been in this state ever since the wind storm exploded my allergies. Additionally, I’m making a huge number of typographical errors–consistently leaving letters out of words. I’m so totally over it! I’m also wondering if it’s because I’ve been taking vastly more insulin. But this post is not about the… Continue reading

Three Cheers for FedEx

In attempting to resolve this issue with Apple, about which I previously posted, I called FedEx back. I can understand the FedEx policy about not allowing me to change a shipping address since I wasn’t the shipper, Apple was. That makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is Apple’s inaccessibility surrounding correcting shipping issues in a timely manner. I called FedEx,… Continue reading

Apple: The New Microsoft **Updated**

I don’t want to hear any more about the high value Apple places on the customer experience. I ordered holiday cards from iPhoto. They were accidentally shipped to the Atlanta address, which has been sold and is currently vacant. Great. I’ll just call FedEx and have the order re-routed. FedEx will not reroute an Apple order, only Apple can do… Continue reading

Living in Sinus Hell

A couple of nights ago, a ferocious wind storm came through (a weather front without rain). I was walking along the sidewalk in Culver City, heading to meet friends for dinner at Fraiche, one of the many delightful little restaurants in downtown Culver City. The wind was so fierce, debris was blowing into my hair and into my eyes. I’ve… Continue reading

LOL: What an Ego Trip

I took several head shot portraits over to a framing shop in Culver City to be framed for various people. This particular framing store was the closest one recommended by my fellow Yelp! users. They have a huge selection of frames and framing options. I was impressed. The two twenty-something guys working with me were very helpful. As we were… Continue reading

CNN Going to Hell in a Handbasket

I’ve always liked CNN. It was a better news organization when Ted Turner owned it. But lately I’ve been blasting it as the Crime News Network because they seem to spend so little money reporting actual news and doing investigative journalism. Rather, they report the national crime blotter. Sadly, they are now paying the price for their lack of journalism.… Continue reading

Talk Is Cheap and Generally Mean Spirited

I just discovered Mike Todd’s blog a couple of days ago when I posted about his insights into Capitalism and Christianity. I really don’t know much about Mike’s thinking, but in just a couple of days he has stated things that really resonate with me! From where I sit, this quotation is so totally on the mark. It’s much too… Continue reading