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We’re Separating

Panic Software Company LogoI’ve been loyal to Transmit 3, by Panic Software, for many, many year. It has been my only desktop FTP client. It has some really wonderful features I’ve grown to love and now simply expect in an FTP client, tabbed server connections and elegant bookmarking being among my favorites.

But, we may be breaking up. At least, we’re separating for a while until I can sort through our relationship.

You see, Transmit now has huge reliability and performance issues. It frequently drops the ftp connection. Which, with the way I almost always use the software with other file editors, causes me to lose my current edits in those editors (that provide their own ftp clients–hmmm… ).

Panic identified that if one of the drawers is open, which I love and use all of the time, file transfers will now get “hung up.” Just keeping the drawers closed is painful as I use them so frequently.

Yesterday I went to do several drag and drop file transfers, another thing I do frequently, and the transfer of those large files was instant. The files transferred were then 0 kb. What’s with that?! Each time the transfers worked on the second try. What’s with that?!

Also, unless I select a file and drag it exactly sideways to the right, I keep highlighting other files when I go to drag instead of actually dragging the file or files. This has become crazy annoying.

And I’ve discovered other ftp clients have some nice features not included in Transmit, like QuickLook technology, even for video.

All in all, using Transmit has become such an aggravation, and Panic doesn’t seem to be much interest in addressing the issues as I’ve dealt with them for a good while now.

So, for now anyway, I’m going to explore other options. Maybe one day soon, before I get a divorce, Panic will address these concerns and fix the issues I’ve been having with my favorite ftp client.