Tantrum by LuluP at Flickr, CC

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child…

Tantrum by LuluP at Flickr, CC
Tantrum by LuluP at Flickr, (CC)

So a mother wasn’t parenting her child in a public place in Gwinnett County, Georgia.  No surprise there.  Parent’s seem more and more inclined to just let badly behaved children behave badly in public, as if the child has a right to boisterous, demanding misconduct.

An older man, in his 60’s, warned the mother to either do something about her child’s misbehavior or he would.  She didn’t.  He did.

And now he is charged with criminal conduct.

I wouldn’t want a stranger slapping my child in the face.  But I wouldn’t allow my child to behave so inappropriately that a stranger would feel the need to slap my child in the face.

Tonight, while having dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, a restaurant notorious for its large number of screaming, wailing, temper tantrum pitching children, all of the children were astoundingly quiet and appropriately mannered.

Maybe this news story got out!  I can only hope it lasts.