Google: Too Big, Too Powerful, Too Much Information

While appreciating their search functionality, I’ve been rather ambivalent about Google. But in recent days, I’ve decided it’s time for me to explore other options aside from using Google exclusively for so many things.

Yesterday I went to demonstrate setting up a free Blogger account. Now Google requires the user give Google a cell phone number to set up a free account! This isn’t an option. Claiming the need to reduce spurious blog accounts, if you want a Blogger blog, you must give Google a cell phone number. Google will send that number a code which then must be input to continue the setup process.

This makes me angry.

How dare they!

But it gets even worse!!

Quoted directly from Apple’s response to the FCC, Apple claims that one of the reasons the Google Voice App (which would allow iPhone and I think iPod Touch users the ability to place phone calls from their device without using AT&T, a corporation I loathe) was rejected from the iTunes App Store:

In addition, the iPhone user’s entire Contacts database is transferred to Google’s servers, and we have yet to obtain any assurances from Google that this data will only be used in appropriate ways. These factors present several new issues and questions to us that we are still pondering at this time.

What?! I wonder if the end user would have even been aware of such a devious action?! Oh it would probably have been buried deep within the bowels of some user agreement 99% of us just click “I Accept” without reading.

In my mind, this is despicable conduct.

Yes, Google has become too big, too powerful, and is collecting too much information. I no longer trust them.

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  1. Your concerns about Google are valid, but what’s the alternative? Now that Yahoo is in bed with Microsoft (who I loathe), that’s not a good alternative.

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