Off My Chest

I rarely swear on my blog, but I’ve just got to get this off my chest. A majority of Windows users hitting my site use Internet Explorer. Let me say unequivocally that the Internet Explorer browser is pure @#$%!!! I hate it with a passion. It doesn’t play by the rules of the world wide web‘s standards! And I’m just not going to bother spending the time to figure out what rules they do play by! As a result, my blog looks like a train wreck in IE.

Almost 40% of my web traffic uses Internet Explorer. Of that group, 71% use IE7, 19% use IE6 (I can’t even imagine that!), and 10% are using IE8. I haven’t checked out IE8 to see if it plays better by the rules or not. [Update: IE8 renders my blog correctly!]

The good news is that almost 54% of my web traffic uses a better browser!

Use a better browser option if you want to see what my site is designed to look like. You can use Safari or Firefox. (There are also others.) They comply with web standards and are free.