Bulb by AZAdam2 at flickr (CC)

About Those Bulbs…

Bulb by AZAdam2 at flickr (CC)Today I am removing my OneBillionBulbs group from my blog. I thank everyone that chose to participate. Maybe we helped our planet! As I mentioned a while back (in this post and in this post), I replaced every bulb in the house in Atlanta. These bulbs, while more expensive than traditional bulbs, all carried a 7 year warranty. They used far less electricity. I wanted (still want) to reduce my carbon footprint.

Well, I’m sad to report that about 20% of the bulbs went out, died, stopped working within a month or two. And then when the house went up for sale, the realtor said that the CFL bulbs all had to go. They would inhibit the sale of the house. And today my OneBillionBulbs blog widget died. The whole OneBillionBulbs site seems to be down (gone?).

So, I’m taking it off of the blog. And, here in California, a state with green on its mind, the house came with CFL bulbs in the kitchen but no place else. I’ll leave it at that.