Sacks of Money

And It Actually Contained…

Sacks of MoneyBack in January I came across the CoinCalc. I posted about it here. I used it to estimate the worth of all of the coins in the piggy bank. The CoinCalc suggested the approximate worth of the money in the piggy bank to be $420.53.

Today I took the piggy bank to the Publix coin counter machine and counted the change. I didn’t want to lug the filled piggy bank to California in the move.

The piggy bank was heavy to say the least! I could hardly pick it up! In fact, having picked it up to weight it back in January (for the CoinCalc post), I knew I didn’t want to deal with that amount of weight in the move.

The piggy bank contained:

  • 1,325 pennies ($13.25)
  • 511 nickels ($25.55)
  • 782 dimes ($78.20)
  • 1006 quarters ($251.50)
  • 7 dollar coins ($7.00)

Several Norwegian coins as well as a Tunisian coin were in the bank, and the counter spit them back out (so to speak). So the total amount of US currency in the piggy bank was $375.50. If the coin counter at the Publix can be believed, then the CoinCalc was only off by about 10%. My guess? The 10% constituted the weight of the led crystal piggy bank itself.

Unfortunately I only collected $345.46 because Publix gets 8% of the take.