A Horrible, Horrible Day

Rarely, but sometimes none the less, a day comes along that is filled with horrible negative energy. Today was such a day!

Today I spent hours dealing with technology that just didn’t want to work properly. I was on the phone with a tech support “specialist” at Apple for well over 2.5 hours who insisted I’m insane. He stated that something I’ve been doing for years and years with multiple Macs and different display devices is not and has never been possible. Therefore, it is not an issue with the new 10.5.1 operating system. I suppose I’m delusional.

I also spent an ungodly amount of time dealing with Apple’s Pages program trying to print a basic mail merge for the Christmas newsletter. The program crashed a multitude of times. Then the paper, having been printed on one side, started to curl and go through the printed crooked when printing the second side. Maddening.

A “simple” little digital movie task almost worked the first time I tried it. Every subsequent attempt wholly failed to work in any shape, form, or fashion. The technology never again performed in the way the program is supposed to perform when using iChat Theater to present a Keynote presentation.

Then I got a traffic ticket for running a stop sign. What irks the hell out of me is that I was not in any hurry at all. I was driving well below the speed limit through this neighborhood. I never even saw the stop sign, and I’m a rather attentive driver. No other cars or people were around except for a parked police car right in the area. Hmm… My guess: it’s a favorite and easy money maker for Dekalb County. For all the bluster, It’s not about safety, really, or the county would make sure the sign is more readily visible. The police car just sits and waits to write another ticket.

Today I learned that a former co-worker is retiring next week. I’m disappointed that I will not be able to attend the celebration as I will be out of town.

But the worst part of the day was learning that the little girl that has cut my hair for several years, who started her own hair salon a couple of years ago, who was young, who was easy-going, kind, and thoughtful, who got married about a year ago, who had two unexpected strokes 2 weeks ago, died shortly thereafter. Two weeks earlier she shared with me about how deeply meaningful her prior weekend had been to her: she had just been on a spiritual retreat to a monastery associated with her faith. Hard to believe. Tremendously sad.