Make Mine Succulent & Juicy!

Silver Grill 01Well, after almost an entire year, here I sit in “my” old booth at the re-opened Silver Grill in Midtown. It has almost the entire same group of employees– just new owners. I walked in, sat down, and Peg, well into her 70s, many of those years spent working here, said in her inimitable southern drawl, “You want your unsweet tea, hon?” It felt like coming back to the dinner table at home.

I chatted with one of the new owners, Sam. He said the name and the sign, though very similar, are not identical. Originally, the new owners were going to open the restaurant as a completely different concept, but so many people stopped in while they were bringing the space up to code saying they should keep it the same that they decided to do just that. They even hired back the same people.

Silver GrillI love it. It smells the same, has the same menu, and still has the same down home feeling. With new hardwood floors, tables, chairs and booths and a credit card machine (finally), it sports a bit of a spruced-up look.

As I’m leaving, the cook asks me, “Was that chicken breast succulant and juicy enough for you?” We laughed out loud. You see, some 15 years ago, when I first ordered at the Silver Grill, I ordered a chicken breast with specific instructions to the cook. I hate dry chicken. It had to be “succulent and juicy.” Ever since that day the cook always cooked up a fresh piece when she saw me walk in.

Some things are just hard to beat. Having the Silver Grill back in Midtown Atlanta is one of them!

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