Trust: Hard to Earn, Easy to Lose

You know, I don’t really have anything to hide because I don’t do anything illegal. But I don’t think my phone conversations, my email or other internet activity, my spending habits, etc. is the government’s (or corporate America’s) business. It’s only the business of those with whom I choose to share it. This of course is the whole notion of privacy, something this administration has seriously breached, and that breach cost the government this citizen’s trust.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation ( shares a news announcement regarding our privacy:

“My job required me to enable the physical connections between AT&T customers’ Internet communications and the NSA’s illegal, wholesale copying machine for domestic emails, Internet phone conversations, web surfing and all other Internet traffic. I have first-hand knowledge of the clandestine collaboration between one giant telecommunications company, AT&T, and the National Security Agency to facilitate the most comprehensive illegal domestic spying program in history,” said Klein.

AT&T provides my mobile phone coverage…anyone else nervous?

Source: AT&T Whistleblower on Privacy