New and Improved

Ok. I couldn’t stand the pano I posted yesterday of my office. It was too blurry and too grainy. These things bother Tim. So I reshot it this morning at a higher ISO (400). Oh, and I made sure I actually focused the camera–details. (Shooting panos is mostly done in manual mode. If you forget to focus the lens…) The… Continue reading

ecto Rocks

I have been using a little program called ecto for almost as long as I have been blogging–around May, 2004. ecto (yes, properly not capitalized) is a little desktop application that links to a large number of the most popular blogging platforms and allows users to quickly and easily post content. For example: the Mac version links directly to your… Continue reading

New Images Added

I must confess to loving the little flash-based image rotator at the top right of my blog. The pictures remind me of many of the wonderful places I have visited and photographed. I tweaked the rotation a bit: speeding it up and adding some of the pictures I shot of the fireworks here in Atlanta on the 4th of July,… Continue reading

Celebrating Japan

Just over a year ago (October, 2006) I spent 3 weeks in Japan——an amazing experience I will never forget. The Japanese are so incredibly hospitable, and I love their pervasive sense of peace, balance, and harmony: “never disturb the harmony.” While in Arao, at the craft museum, I had the opportunity to make a mug from the Shotai clay. The… Continue reading