Button Maker

Adam Kalsey created an online badge or button maker that is shown in the screenshot below (click the image to see it full size). I’ve used his button maker a great deal and highly recommend it. I’ve posted about it before and am posting about it here again today because the screen shot below includes the settings I will need… Continue reading

The Fall, 2007, Album

This Fall has been exceptionally colorful–exactly the opposite of what I had anticipated given the draught. Click on the picture above to enjoy 9 of my seasonal photographs. You will be astounded to know that each of these pictures appears exactly as seen by the camera. I have not retouched them in anyway: no color saturation, no normalizing or color… Continue reading

A Horrible, Horrible Day

Rarely, but sometimes none the less, a day comes along that is filled with horrible negative energy. Today was such a day! Today I spent hours dealing with technology that just didn’t want to work properly. I was on the phone with a tech support “specialist” at Apple for well over 2.5 hours who insisted I’m insane. He stated that… Continue reading