Sad News & Happy News

Yet another really good reason for all my Windows-using friends to ditch that horrible operating system: The Pangea Plugin will not work on Windows, even on the Windows version of Safari. The good news: I have also now redone the Lake Allatoona pano that was featured in this post on October 21st. The Pangea version can be viewed at this… Continue reading

No More Trial Version

I decided to go ahead and purchase PTGui. After upgrading to Leopard (OS 10.5), Stitcher from RealViz, which I also really like, ceased to render a final pano. I talked with their tech support and a patch is in the works, but the timeline has not yet been announced. I was advised to visit their site regularly for the announcement.… Continue reading

A True Horror Story for Halloween

So here is my official Halloween post. You know how they always start: But this story is true–no really! It really is a tale of true horror and terror: We have currently spent about $500,000,000,000 on the war in Iraq. We have killed approximately 80,000 Iraqi civilians. Nearly 4,000 Americans have been killed in the war. We are approaching 30,000… Continue reading

In the Zucker Zone

Let’s see: using Zucker’s logic, everyone that has ever created anything that runs on a PC should pay Microsoft a premium price because Microsoft wrote th operating system that powers the majority of the PC’s on earth. Oh, but people who use Windows are already paying! I forgot. <evil smile> NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker has said that along with… Continue reading

A Return to Reasonable Faith

… as apposed to blind acceptance. This can only be a good thing. I have personally known several of the key leaders of the extremist right wing Christian movement. Their extreme self-pocessed arrogance and power-hungry, self-serving behavior were the exact opposite of what I believe to be in keeping with the teachings of Christ. They couldn’t get along with each… Continue reading

I Simply Must Go to Bed!

But first, I had to figure out how to create this pano. I shot these shots in June of 2006, holding my camera, hoping I could later stitch the photos together into a pano–doubtful without the tripod. Tonight, over a year later, I tried both PTGui and RealViz’s Stitcher. The fact that the camera was handheld made it unlikely that… Continue reading

Need More Time!!!

I wish I had time to read this. I have felt for several years that this presidency was subverting democracy, the very will of the people being manipulated and controlled in alarming ways. I do not believe this will serve our country well for generations. I just need more time to read all of the things I want to read!!… Continue reading