Angel of Mercy

I can’t believe I’ve neglected to post about this until now. As I’ve mentioned in in the past, this insulin pump has been a major miracle in my life, making my diabetes management very successful. My blood glucose levels are consitently normal now–amazing!

While in Seward, Alaska, I went up to Exit Glacier. I thought the walk was to be very casual–completely unlike my experience in Norway last year. However, a portion of the walk was uphill, a significant enough incline to lower my blood sugar to well below normal–a reaction, a really bad one. (See hypoglycemia at Wikipedia or just hold your mouse over the Snaps icon at the end of the link.)

I had not thought to bring any sugar with me and was miles from the ranger station and my car. What was so frightening was that my reaching the car or the station before I passed out (and likely would have died like my poor cousin) was an impossibilty. But, as I had no other options, off I stumbled.

The angel of mercy appeared within a couple of minutes–a backpack-laden park ranger. I asked him if the ranger station had any sweets. He immediately realized my problem and pulled two Snickers bars from his backpack. He carried them to demonstrate how some strata in the earth bend while others break when under pressure.

I’m just profoundly greatful for his teaching aids! Had he not “happened” upon my path when he did, things in my life would have been very different!

My sincere appreciation to our nation’s park rangers and services!


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