Alaska: A Moment of Zen

Moose Creek rushed noisily through the wilderness right next to my cabin at Denali Backcountry Lodge. In the areas pictured below it ranged between a couple of inches in depth to perhaps as much as 3 feet.

After dinner on August 22, at 7:11PM, I recorded this walk around the gazebo (1), across the first bridge (2), along the small island (3) to the second far more primitive bridge (4), along the second island to a third bank of the creek (5), and back again. At times in this podcast you can hear my footsteps. You can hear the rapidly rushing creek. My guess: if you stepped into these frigid, fast-moving waters, you would be immediately swept off of your feet and pulled down stream.

(1) Img 5157Img 5159 (2)

(3) Img 5161Img 5162 (4)

(5) Img 5163

The air was cool–in the 40’s. The smells were those of fresh forest. The sharp angle of the Alaskan sun was mitigated by the mountains. The sounds were of peace.

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