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OneBillionBulbsWhat is this group called Tim’s Bright Reflections!? Simply put, it’s a way to encourage everyone to replace their old light bulbs with the new CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) which are much more energy efficient. Also, we can track how much money we are saving as well as how much we are reducing our carbon footprint on the planet. You can get these stats individually, and we can see how we do as a group [check out the group stats in my sidebar on this page].

And why wouldn’t everyone want to join!

  • It’s FREE to join my group
  • It’s easy to join my group
  • You can track our groups (and your individual) savings on my site in the sidebar on the right and the site
  • You save money with every bulb you replace
  • You help our planet with every bulb you replace
  • You bulbs are easy to find (Target, Home Depot, even grocery stores, etc.)
  • The bulbs are not very expensive
  • The bulbs are typically warranted for at least 6 years (compared to the normal bulbs that seem to die very soon!)
  • You will feel better for having done something that really matters

How do you join my group? Simply click here and have fun!