Compact Fluorescent Bulb

Happy to Report…

Compact Fluorescent Bulb…that the first floor has been completely Al Gored! I have replaced all of the traditional light bulbs with the new energy efficient ones that look like fluorescent lights all coiled up. Apparently the proper term for these is CFL, or compact fluorescent lamp. I want to do something to reduce my carbon footprint on our planet.

Supposedly these new lights, made by n:vision, will last 9 years as they have a 9 year warranty. I certainly hope so. But, at any rate, they are far more energy efficient using far less wattage of electricity to produce the same light. The ewquivalent of a 100 watt bulb uses only 27 watts. So, I’m doing my part to reduce carbon emissions! :o) Happy Me!

This little plug for

Imagine the possibilities. Imagine if people all over the world mobilized to replace one billion standard incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs. What would that mean? It would mean that those people would save money each month on their electricity bill. It would mean they would save enough energy to light tens of millions of homes for a year. It would mean the prevention of greenhouse gases equivalent to the annual emissions of millions of cars.

One Billion Bulbs Project

I love this site. One their site the above map is interactive. When you mouse over a state you can see the data for that state. You can set up an account and enter your bulb purchases. The account then automatically calculates your energy savings as well as the amount of carbon you have reduced. It shows you this information for the entire year as well as the total from the date of installation. Naturally I set mine up.

Here is my data as of today:

One Billion Bulbs Project

And now I get outrageous. Plug in the numbers and see what you can do!

Very cool!