I Know Everyone Is Wondering…

Despite the North Korean nuclear bomb test, the tsunami, and the earthquake, I’m still very much alive. However, I may now glow in the dark since I’m so close to North Korea now! I’ve been in Arao, Kumamoto, Japan, for the past 9 days and arrived back in Tokyo yesterday (which is today in the USA). Regrettably, I didn’t have access to the internet in Arao, so I spent most of the evening yesterday catching up on email.

A quick item of interest:

One of the emails I finally received yesterday (which had been sent several days ago) was a request for me to do a video conference, yesterday, with the teachers and principals from the international schools in Beijing, China. Well, heck…that’s just next door! The time difference was minimal from here. How fortuitous was that?!

Well, I’ve taken over 2,500 pictures during the trip. I have so much to post! But the posts will have to wait. I’m bound for the USA tomorrow, have a lot of repacking to do, and a big reception to attend tonight. I’m sure it will take me years to recover from jet lag! Oh, and warn all of the cattle in the land: this man is tired of fish and hungry for beef!

Below is just a tiny hint of some of what is to come! These pictures were taken at the children’s festival. Click each to enlarge.

Img 6163 - Version 2 (1) Img 6009 - Version 2 Img 6072 - Version 2-1