I am using an old (free) version (v2.661) of Moveable Type. Users must purchase version 3.x of Moveable Type. Since a friend of mine initially installed and configured my blog for me and recommended I go with the older version (3.0 had just come out at the time) I did. I’ve learned a great deal about the whole of blogging in the mean time.

Now of course, I’m wondering if I should upgrade, or if I should explore other blogging systems. Today I installed and configured WordPress myself. It has some really cool features not found in my version of Moveable Type.

High on the list of wonderful features is that it is free. I think the other thing I notice about it is its incredible speed without any need to rebuild when configurations are changed. I have read that since it runs on php the blog is served up each time a client hits it making the need to rebuild superfluous.

I can’t really compare WordPress to Moveable Type because I don’t use MT 3.x. Anyone know where I can find any comparison charts?