Ben Barnes

Ben Barnes, former Lieutenant Governor of Texas speaks about his getting George W Bush and a lot of other wealthy Texans into the National Guard so they could avoid service in Vietnam.   This link has several short video clips of Ben Barnes speaking about George W. Bush and John Kerry.  It’s worth taking a couple minutes to watch.… Continue reading

I Love This!

Many websites, particularly media sites, now require registration, usually to gather demographic data about users. If for any reason you don’t want to register but still want to view the site, go to Bug Me Not, which offers valid logins and passwords for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of sites.  Free! I especially get agitated when someone sites a news article through… Continue reading

My God!

We are so hated for our invasion of Iraq–which hasn’t been helped by the fact George lied about the Weapons of Mass Destruction. ATHENS, Greece — U.S– has pulled out of a visit to Athens to attend Sunday’s closing ceremonies for the Olympic Games, U.S. officials said. Washington denied Powell changed plans because of anti-U.S. protests which saw police hurl… Continue reading