Sandi Patty's Web Site

I have been a long-time fan of Sandi Patty.  Her voice transcends me.  Her music makes my heart soar while at the same time providing a vehicle for my faith to find a depth of expression I would otherwise not experience in this life. Thank you Sandi!  And thank you to your new web designers!  The web site is awesome! … Continue reading

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, Has Surgery for Cancer

Today Steve Jobs, 49, (Steve Wozniak and he co-founded Apple Computer in 1976) announced he underwent surgery today for cancer.  The news release was positive, stating he expected a full recovery without chemotherapy or radiation. For the full article, click here. I enjoyed reading, or hearing really, as I do Audible Books, The Second Coming of Steve Jobs, by Alan… Continue reading

The University of Pennsylvania Museum

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology has a really nice web site featuring Africa, Buddism, Canaan, China, Egypt, Etrucsan, Greece, Mesoamerica, The Near East, North America, Polonesia, Rome, and the Southwest. This is my name in hieroglyphs: Would you like to have your name in hieroglyphics? You must seek the Scribe.… Continue reading