The Dreadful Drudge

I just want the media to be open, honest, and unbiased so voters can make a reasoned judgement on election day based on the facts and critical thinking. I wish I didn’t have to harp on the fact that I believe the republican media machine is busy trying to mislead, and, rather than focusing on issues and positions, continues a pattern of lies, deceit, and unjustified character assassination.

Matt Drudge, in a tacky and absurd campaign of smear and misinformation continues to suggest, as a gag, that Edwards and Kerry are gay lovers. Matt runs the National Inquirer of the right wing republican media machine, an internet site, Drudge Report, that blurs the line between reality and news and the distorted imaginations of a gossip rag designed to manipulate, suggest, twist, and just plane deceive. What I find alarming is that he gets over 6.5 million hits a day! Who pays for all of that bandwidth?! I mean, for real. That costs a fortune! Hmmm.

Perhaps the Republicans feel they are so weak on the issues (those missing weapons of mass destruction, consecutive years of horrific deficits, poor economic performance, outrageous gasoline prices, rising healthcare costs, unemployment, Iraq, etc.–all of which they blame on 9/11) so they are turning up the noise to distract the American people from this sobering reality. I believe the American people are smarter than that.

Using the republican litmus test first introduced by Ronald Reagan: I’m not better off today than I was 4 years ago. In fact, much the opposite! Are you?

One thought on “The Dreadful Drudge”

  1. I certainly am not better off. I live on roughly 59% of the income I had. I serve a congregation where I see so much unemployment as well as gross underemployment. People are struggling with health care like never before. Relatives of congregants are dying in a war where the rationale was false, the rush to war was hasty and the occupation was about as badly managed as a one legged man in a ass kicking contest. NO NEITHER I NOR THE COUNTRY IS BETTER OFF TODAY!!

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