How Very Odd (or Even)…

I have recently noticed something about myself that I find mildly amusing if not just plain weird.

I have always set my digital thermostat in my home on odd numbers: 75 or 77 in the summer, 67 or 69 in the winter. And if the house gets too hot or too cold, I always adjust the thermostat up or down by 2 degrees, never one, ensuring that the thermostat is always set on an odd number.

Last year I purchased a new car, a Nissan Murano. This was the first vehicle I have owned that has a digital thermostat for the HVAC system. Last week I observed the oddest thing. I always, without fail, set the thermostat in the car to an even number. In fact, I noticed this when I accidentally left the thermostat on an odd number and, upon realizing my hapless error, immediately re-adjusted it to an even number.

Odd numbers for the house, even numbers for the car. . .whatever does it mean?

One thought on “How Very Odd (or Even)…”

  1. I don’t know why, but I do the exact same thing……odd temperatures in the house (2 different ones, both odd) and even in the car. My house’s street number is even….could that affect this syndrome at all?

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