I Just Don’t Get It!

I saw a bumper sticker a couple of weeks ago that summed up what I had been steamed about for several months, but I couldn’t find a sympathetic ear anywhere. Finally, a like-minded person: When Bill lied, nobody died.

Why is no one calling for the impeachment of this president? He lied to us and to the world at the cost of nearly 1,000 American lives, not to mention the lives of many more Iraqis. I believed him when he spoke of our intelligence agencies’ knowledge of WMD. I really thought we would find them and find at least some justification for the unjustifiable: the war and the loss of American civil liberties, the likes of which has no precedent.

I actually still hope he didn’t lie. But, is our intelligence really that incompetent? I know, with the ten commandments, the religious right gets all uptight and upset about sex. But good god, how many people have to be killed before we see some righteous indignation about a couple of the other commandments? I mean, if we had to rank them, wouldn’t Thou shalt not kill. be the most important?

Where is the accountability?