Dear @CNN,

Not that you care, but… Today, June 18, 2012, is the day that I officially stop reading your online news and watching your televised news portals. I’ve deleted your apps from my iPhone and iPad. I have grown exceedingly weary with your personality-based, info-tainment, for-profit approach to reporting. You see, I can’t even bring myself to call what you do… Continue reading

Fair Play and True Heroism

Today we really don’t understand how horrible Polio was. It was a devastating diagnosis in the not-too-distant past: paralysis and death. Jonas Salk created a safe and effective vaccine, a cure, and Polio has been virtually eradicated from the face of the earth. When Dr. Salk was asked who owned the patent for the vaccine, he replied, “There is no… Continue reading

GOP’s Pledge to America

Make the super rich wealthier. Lie more to America. (Use FOX) Make the super rich wealthier. Spend more on war. Make the super rich wealthier. Privatise public education. Make the super rich wealthier. Destroy the environment. Make the super rich wealthier. Give corporations more control over government. Make the super rich wealthier. Take away healthy care for Americans because the… Continue reading

CNN Going to Hell in a Handbasket

I’ve always liked CNN. It was a better news organization when Ted Turner owned it. But lately I’ve been blasting it as the Crime News Network because they seem to spend so little money reporting actual news and doing investigative journalism. Rather, they report the national crime blotter. Sadly, they are now paying the price for their lack of journalism.… Continue reading