Google Reader and RSS

Well, finally, someone is telling the truth about Google Reader and RSS! I’ve said this from the beginning [my link to my previous post about this issue] and nobody else wrote the truth about it that I could find. Thanks, Marco, for nailing it on the head! Everyone else seems to be spouting the Google PR BS. RSS represents the… Continue reading

Crazy Imaginative!

I have been wondering: wouldn’t it be possible to have multiple 360º panoramas (pole panos would be best) in relatively close proximity to one another and actually fly a virtual camera (using pan, tilt, zoom) through that 3D space creating the illusion of free flight through space, moving, as needed, between panoramic spheres. Then, today, I discovered this: hyperlapse. Totally… Continue reading

What Goes Viral

I’ve been blogging here since March, 2004, about 9 years! Because I changed hosting providers about 4 years ago, detailed tracking of all of the data on my posts is impossible. But… The most popular posts since 2010 have interested me. With over 2,000 views, the number one most read post has been: Thinking About Attending Bob Jones University? The… Continue reading

Top Posts Here

I’ve only been using the WordPress stats tracker for a year and 7 months. I actually find it fascinating. (In fact, I’ve only been using WordPress for the same amount of time. Love it! WordPress 3 is an awesome blogging platform!) In that time, I’ve had over 20,000 unique visitors to—over 4,000 hits this past May when I posted… Continue reading

My Panos Selected for 360Cities’ Editor’s Pick and Google Earth

Back in March of 2009, just over 3 years ago, when I was finally beginning to actually understand how to make 360º panoramas, I uploaded 4 of my panos to 360Cities. I really was exploring their service and trying to learn more about panoramas at the time. Little did I know that one of those panos, showing the 2007 draught-stricken… Continue reading

ecto… as in …plasm?

I decided that I am just a GUI kinda guy. I am, after all, a Mac head for goodness sake! So, I complained to my friend Evans about having to hard wire URLs into these posts using html hand coding (god forbid!), as well as trying to remember the html codes for underline, bold [strong?  I mean, let’s get real!],… Continue reading