#SevenDayPhotoChallenge: Photo 7

When I work out, admittedly only about 4 times a year, I attempt to view my photos on the AppleTV. The new Photos app now lets me share all of the photos in my Lightroom catalog! Today was the first time I tried it, and it worked. The TV just pulled random photos from a 50,000+ photo collection. What a… Continue reading

Time Lapse Journey with Nature

A Timelapse Journey with Nature: 2009-2011, by Henry Jun Wah Lee includes time lapse photography of: Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest Mono Lake Joshua Tree National Park Alabama Hills Lunar Eclipse of December 2010 Monument Valley Salton SeaTuscon, Arizona Jeju Island, South Korea Yosemite National Park Petrified Forest National Park Death Valley National Park Horseshoe Bend… Continue reading

California Road Trip!

A weekend road trip to a boom town gone bust, the Salton Sea area, sitting on top of the San Andreas Fault Line, is an interesting place. Gorgeous mountains, gurgling mud pots, thermal power plants, natural gas, miles of farm land, virtually abandoned cities, shorelines with thousands of dead and rotting fish, salt flats, and the beauty of the desert.  … Continue reading