And What a Week It Was…

The last couple of weeks have been, well… intense. I traveled to Florida to visit my mother. I was there for one day when Steve called with unspeakable pain from the worst sciatica flare up (while actually doing physical therapy for the sciatica) to date. He couldn’t stand, sit, move, be still. He could barely talk or think through next… Continue reading

Physical Therapy

Today I went to Patty Brown Physical Therapy for physical therapy.  I have never had physical therapy before, but the issues with my shoulder are just impacting my basic living to such an extent that I decided I had to do it.  This morning I almost had my mouth in the bowl of cereal because I can’t lift the spoon… Continue reading

Coming Up to Speed

In Town Well, I’ll be home all week this week. Wonderful! I have so much catching up to do. Eating Out We went out to eat in Culver City tonight, a place called Eat Your Greens. I’ve been there before and really like their food. Afterward I splurged and had a chocolate ice cream from Cold Stone. While sitting outside… Continue reading