Memories from an Educator (Part 1)

Yesterday I unexpectedly reconnected (on Facebook) with a student, a working musician now for 20 years, from my last year as a music teacher over 25 years ago. He messaged me out of the blue: “Hello, were you a middle school chorus teacher in Georgia?” I replied: “Well, yes. But I’m thinking that was about 245 years ago now.” The… Continue reading

Another Random Conversation

Night at the San Francisco Symphony… Mahler‘s 3rd Symphony is about an hour and fifty minutes long with no intermission. Our seats are in the middle of the row. So, I minimized liquids at dinner, went to the bathroom twice before the concert began, and remained standing until the concert master appeared. There were two empty seats next to me,… Continue reading

Living in a Cool ‘Hood

Our next door neighbors Joe and Juline hosted their 20th Annual House Concert, Jazz by the Bay (window). Their window is called the bay window not because it’s a bay window. It’s not. It has an amazing view of the bay! Back in 1994 esteemed bassist, Bill Douglass, lamented to his friend Joe Paulino, that he wished he had a… Continue reading

Radio Sausalito

I finally got around to getting my haircut. Yes, I go to the Caledonia Street Barber Shop here in town. Today I noticed the music on their AM radio: Radio Sausalito: 1610 on our radio dial. It was some awesome vintage jazz. I had no idea Sausalito has an advertising-free, 24 hour jazz radio station. I’m lovin’ it! Great jazz!!… Continue reading

Vox As iTunes Replacement on Mac?

So the app Vox (Mac only, by Coppertino) came out of beta yesterday and is free; so, I decided to give it a whirl. I no longer use iTunes to sync my devices, and I find the app, especially with the new design, overwhelming. At least 90% of the time, I only use it to play music from my library… Continue reading

Etta James, 1938 – 2012

I first consciously discovered Etta James‘ music back in the early 1990’s. I was in a music store (Do you remember those?) when her dense sultry tones filled the store and went straight into my soul. In that instant I was smitten and asked the store owner what was playing and immediately bought her CD. She was the blues. Today,… Continue reading

Amy Winehouse, RIP

I didn’t know much about Amy Winehouse.  Not long ago I stumbled into her song, Back to Black, and immediately loved her gritty, tangy, deeply soulful style rendered with her contralto voice. Apparently her very short life was a tumultuous and generally self-destructive one. I hope she rests in a peace she did not know in this world. Amy Winehouse… Continue reading