Did the Prosecution Get It Wrong about Alex Murdaugh?

Don’t misunderstand. I absolutely believe this filth murdered his son, Paul, and his wife, Maggie, in cold blood. I believe he is a liar and a manipulator of epic proportions. But I wonder if the prosecution got his motive wrong. They probably wisely chose their motive because it allowed them to introduce the fact that Murdaugh was embezzling money and… Continue reading

Connecting the Dots

My grandfather had a wonderful, old, southern expression, “You could have knocked me over with a feather.” Richly descriptive, he used that twist of phrase to describe those moments when he was flabbergasted by the incredulous. I have to admit that, as I get to an age when I feel as though I should be able to say, “I’ve seen… Continue reading

The Actual State of Marriage in the US

Today, an interesting article appeared in my news feed that made me curious enough to do more reading about marriage and divorce. The facts, when isolated from a conservative or liberal agenda, are sobering, fascinating, and not at all what one might think given media coverage of the same. Here is an encapsulated version of the information I found. The… Continue reading

The Murder Mashup

The LA Times has an interactive Homicide Report (link to the report) that features the pictures (usually drivers’ license) of the victims, a map of where each person was murdered, a brief description of the crime from the police report, and a fully searchable database of information related to:  age, gender, cause, day of the week, jurisdiction, neighborhood, race/ethnicity, circumstances… Continue reading

Kennedy Legacy (Revisited)

I must say that I have great respect for the political legacy left by Ted Kennedy.  He was an astute politician.  Having had a friend die from cancer in the brain, I can only vaguely imagine the difficulty of his final days.  I also suspect he was a wealthy white guy that got away with murder.  I just read the… Continue reading

I Don’t Want to See Anyone’s Body Parts on TV

But this is funny… With the FCC now empowered to fine broadcasters ten times more than before for even a slip of a nipple or a swear word, were doing a little sin trading today. The government has determined that the damage to society of a swear broadcast on TV is up to $325,000. So what else does the law… Continue reading