iOS Compatible 360º Panorama

This is the second panorama I shot on Monday at Malaga Cove.  I’m still about 20 feet above the beach as this location is about two-thirds of the way down the trail to the Pacific Ocean and almost directly below the spot, up above, where I shoot the time lapse images of Malaga Cove.  In fact, I marked it in… Continue reading

The Huge Unveiling…

Drum roll please! Well, with lots of tweaks and a few fixes here and there still to be done, the project is far enough along to warrant the big announcement. After hundreds and hundreds of hours of work, the entirely reworked photo gallery at is ready to go live and is officially being called: Photography by Tim Tyson. The… Continue reading

Unusual Picture

It’s long…really long. It won’t even fit on your monitor. Here is a shrunk version of it. Clicking on it will take you to the source web page where you can see the entire picture, but you will have to scroll. The photograph appears to be 11 pictures that were stitched together. The original photograph is 6,600 pixels wide and… Continue reading