Getting a Divorce

Yes, it’s true. I’m getting a divorce: from Facebook. We are in the “separation” phase. I’ve moved Facebook out: off of my iPad and my iPhone. I’m no longer going to use it from my iOS devices because those apps seem oppressively laden by Facebook’s marketing machine. So, I’m still checking my account from my computer, but I’m minimizing the… Continue reading

The Actual State of Marriage in the US

Today, an interesting article appeared in my news feed that made me curious enough to do more reading about marriage and divorce. The facts, when isolated from a conservative or liberal agenda, are sobering, fascinating, and not at all what one might think given media coverage of the same. Here is an encapsulated version of the information I found. The… Continue reading

Made Me Laugh

Funny guy. How dare he slap people in the face with their own hypocrisy. He supposedly was going to interview people in front of WalMart about defending traditional marriage and then, when they blubbered on about their support, ask them to sign his petition banning divorce. He says he’s confident they will support his bill because it’s not about taking… Continue reading