Place: How Living Here Has Changed My Life

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his past week I was shooting a time lapse in a particularly beautiful place when visitors from, of all places, Duluth, GA, (a suburb of Atlanta with which I am very familiar) walked up. I started talking with them. They had a high school boy, probably a senior, and were visiting the Bay Area, considering moving here for his future.… Continue reading

Another Glimpse

Warp Drive So here is a glimpse of Chloé’s dashboard. (Yes, I went crazy with a preset in the Flare app.) It looks a good bit different from the dashboard of any other car I’ve ever had. I’m getting more familiar with the controls and information displays every day. Chloé has two drive modes: normal and Eco. In normal drive… Continue reading

You’re Kidding Me, Right?

This morning I sat down to read the news headlines while eating breakfast and learned that Delta has increased the fees they charge for checking bags. My first thought was, “So, what’s next? Is Walmart going to start charging for shopping cart use?” Well, good grief! Almost. A few articles down I see a video link to Walmart now charging… Continue reading

About Those Bulbs…

Today I am removing my OneBillionBulbs group from my blog. I thank everyone that chose to participate. Maybe we helped our planet! As I mentioned a while back (in this post and in this post), I replaced every bulb in the house in Atlanta. These bulbs, while more expensive than traditional bulbs, all carried a 7 year warranty. They used… Continue reading

Join My Group @

What is this group called Tim’s Bright Reflections!? Simply put, it’s a way to encourage everyone to replace their old light bulbs with the new CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) which are much more energy efficient. Also, we can track how much money we are saving as well as how much we are reducing our carbon footprint on the planet. You… Continue reading

Happy to Report…

…that the first floor has been completely Al Gored! I have replaced all of the traditional light bulbs with the new energy efficient ones that look like fluorescent lights all coiled up. Apparently the proper term for these is CFL, or compact fluorescent lamp. I want to do something to reduce my carbon footprint on our planet. Supposedly these new… Continue reading