I Love Color!

I suppose most people do. Color is such a huge part of my selection process when picking anything out for purchase. Last Friday I bought several short-sleeved shirts. Style and fabric mattered, but color was what first drew me to each shirt. I’ve often wished I could design the color patterns in my own clothes: create the fabric itself. Most… Continue reading

Sad Day for Tim…

Today, I officially admit defeat. I accept my destiny. Here-to-for I plucked them out periodically, then once a month, a week, daily… Now, if I were to remove all of my wisdom hairs (those thick, extra coarse, extra long, colorless, old man eye brows) I would virtually have no eyebrows remaining. I now just use a comb and my beard… Continue reading

I Can Sing a Rainbow

Perhaps because one of my high school music teachers is retiring at the end of this year (after many years of service) or because of what I saw at the beach yesterday, or maybe both, but this song from my high school music days in the Singers came back to me. Red and yellow and pink and green Purple and… Continue reading