Throwback Thursday Photo Retrospective (9 of 12)

Below are more old photos from my vintage Instagram account now long since deleted.

The top left picture is a selfie I shot at the Hard Knox Café in the Richmond district in San Francisco.

The old forts in the Headlands are slowly crumbling to pieces. One of our favorite sitting areas by one of these forts had a new section of the wall that had fallen out. Some clever person painted an interesting critter on it that appears to be inside the wall. And, even more interestingly, the critter could be a Linus look-alike (from Peanuts) or some sort of large-eyed alien. Everything about the black and white painting is about perspective – just like life.

This creation was inside the lobby of Davies Hall (home of the San Francisco Symphony): A woman in an enormous dress with and even more gargantuan headpiece on her head that is representative of the city. How does this monstrosity keep from falling over?!

Steve has a flair for color.

I’ve got my eye on you.

I just really liked the white sailboat on the blue water with the thick marine layer swirling in from the ocean and obscuring the city (San Francisco) with the puffy clouds at the bottom of the blue sky. A study of blue and white…

Below is a slideshow of my entire Vintage Instagram Gallery on SmugMug from which these photos were plucked. And this is the link to the first post in this series.